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Community interest companies have dissolved in the UK since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic... That is nearly 20% of the UK's CICs.



In CICs that have been dissolved since the last financial year (2021), out of the Coronavirus pandemic.


Of new CICs have been created in the last financial year. What makes you stand out from the crowd and draw in your audience?

Check out what we can do!

15 hours support
You can choose exactly what you want your first 5 hours of support to be! Whether it is help with your business plan, sourcing funding, social media support, networking or developing a sense of branding. We can completely tailor our service to you and your needs.
5 hours of support
£1000- £5000
20 hours support
To create and set up your website, as well as buying your very own domain. We will work closely with you to ensure that your site is tailored specifically to you and your company, and it includes absolutely everything you require. 
As low as £1500
Website Set Up
£50 per hour
Social Media Support
This will include a social media assessment and analysis, as well as setting up any platforms you require. Training will be provided on how to maintain and schedule your posts, as well as a departure package that you can keep and refer back to. 
Social Media Support
Print Media
Print media includes leaflets, roller banner design, business cards, poster design as well as flyers and leaflets. Branding and logo creation will also be included within this package. 
Print media
£1000- £5000
20 hours support
We will identify sources of funding and write bids for you to run your company. If they are successful, we will claim 10% of the bid that you are awarded. 
10% of Bids
This time can be centred on whatever services or advice that you are seeking, that is relevant to your business model. This may be networking advice, tips on how to build an effective business model and just general guidance on your company.
Bid Writing
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