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Hands Up

A helping hand to make the most out of your life.

Right Advice

Right Time

Right Guidance

Right People

Access to Resources

We can provide you with resources in your local area such as food banks, job centres, warm hubs and more.

Access to Support

We will be able to signpost you in the right directions in order to access the support you need.

Access to Volunteering

We can provide work experience and opportunities through our partner volunteer programme.
15 hours support
We will be offering drop ins to you and your family for any advice that you may seek. We can also point you in the direction to alternate drop ins for specialised areas within your community.
Drop Ins
£1000- £5000
20 hours support
We can give first hand advice with your money management, and help you understand where and how to improve your finances. We can also signpost you to relevant resources to organise your money.
Money Management
£50 per hour
Social Media Support
We can provide classes and workshops for all ages on the importance of E-Safety. This will include the importance of security, passwords and being able to identify scams, phishing and red flags online.
Print Media
If you are currently experiencing unemployment, we can help you with building up an attractive CV, applying for jobs, and preparing for interviews. We can also point you in the right direction for work experience. 
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